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about us Xastion

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Xastion Tech Private Limited is an ERP provider company. Xastion provides customized ERP services according to the client`s needs. We make sure that every process is streamlined and simplified for users to take full advantage of every functionality and thus making the system most productive.Xastion plans to launch management systems in almost all phase of business to make life of people easier and comfortable. Our aim is to simplify all the complex business process.





Xastion’s first product “Nectere” is a school MIS system. Unlike other convectional school MIS systems, Nectere does not only manage student data but also provide a healthy competition platform for students as well as for schools. The aim of Nectere is to put every school on a single interactive platform so as to reduce the gap between the elite school, mid card and the govt schools.
Nectere has been deigned, keeping in mind as how we can develop a system that will allow students locally as well as globally to interact, to learn and grow. We provide a knowledge sharing platform for every school that will be in our tech system. A system in which students will directly interact with any teacher available on platform. A system independent of boundaries.

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