Nectere- School


An advance School management System which connects School-Student-Parent.




Dedicated dashboard for each user account is available, the dashboard will have important information like attendance, grades and marks, countdown to examination.


Attendance Management

Student attendance with RFID cards, automatic attendance system. No more manual attendance now. The attendance for entire academic session can viewed.


Student Profile

The details of the student are included in the profile. Students name, class, section, school, photograph and other important details are available in the profile section.


Grades & Marks Report

History of marks and grades of the student will be available on application and web thus allowing student, parent and teachers to rectify the weak areas.


Time Table

Time table of class subjects will be available for every week that will also have details of the subject description along with time of the subject assigned to the teacher.


School Calendar

School calendar will have all the scheduled dates of the current academic year.This will have all dates including holidays, events, examination, other important updates.



Detailed and descriptive syllabus for each class can be viewed on the application. The syllabus can be downloaded for references. Syllabus for exams will also be uploaded.


Assignment & Homework

The teacher can post homework on application. The student can view home work and can upload after completion.Teacher can check it online and can give feedback also.



The project has been specially designed for senior classes. The project is subdivided into milestone so that the progress of the project can be tracked.


Additional Courses

Information on near by courses and hobby classes will be uploaded on the application thus letting students using Nectere an extra edge over other students.


Events Gallery

Schools event gallery has photos and videos of the events for securing memories .The manage ment can post photos & Videos of the events on app.



Classes have chat groups which are monitored by the class teacher. The students can interact related to studies with their class group.

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Digitalizing the school proceeding, paper sheet wiil be replaced digitally and every data will be available on mobile application.


Data @ fingertips

Every data would be available on cloud,the data can be viewed anytime, anywhere just by using you mobile phones.


Custom Modules

We have custom modules that makes it easier for the school and students to choose their plans according to budget & needs.


Better Monitoring

The teacher and parents can monitor the student in more effective form, they can analyse the grades and marks of the student.




Xastion’s first product “Nectere” is a school MIS system. Unlike other convectional school MIS systems, Nectere does not only manage student data but also provide a healthy competition platform for students as well as for schools. The aim of Nectere.....


  • Data Availability
  • Data available at one click

  • Student Monitoring
  • Better monitoring.

  • Student Monitoring
  • Better monitoring.

  • Analysis
  • Comparison based analysis.

  • Master Control
  • All the rights to control application.

  • All In One
  • All operations managed by one Application.

  • Parents Connect
  • Can contact parents at any time.

  • Cloud Storage
  • Access data from anywhere from any computer.


  • Syllabus
  • Downloadable syllabus.

  • Time Table
  • Class and exam time table.

  • Notes
  • Upload and download notes.

  • Chat
  • Class group and class individual chats.

  • Project
  • Project interaction and progress.

  • Grades Analysis
  • Improve your weak areas by analysis past marks.

  • Home Work
  • Absent, No worries. Check home work feature.


  • Attendance
  • Notifies parent when student reaches school.

  • Interaction
  • Directly interact with teachers.

  • Update
  • Stay updated on home work and assignment.

  • Fees & Fine
  • Pay Fee using the application.

  • Multi Lingual
  • Multiple languages for parents account.

  • Simple UI/UX
  • Basic application user interface for parents.

  • Notification
  • Notification on exams, PT Meetings and other information.


  • Attendance
  • No manual entry, auto attendance using RFID.

  • Home work
  • No diary, assign HW to all students via app.

  • Interaction
  • Directly interact with parents.

  • Analysis
  • Students progress through grade analysis.

  • Online Review
  • Check Projects, assignment, HW via app.

  • Notes
  • Upload notes directly to app.

  • Student Activity
  • Monitor student activities using application.

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